Building exteriors, roofs, parking lots, wind turbines, and any area with height and/or accessibility challenges.

Save time, money and personnel

Safer workplace- no ladders, lifts or personnel in the air

Capture footage not visible to naked eye and put eyes on hard to access areas

Easily shareable data:

images and video collected from a project site can be used to share and collaborate with colleagues

Create a digital history:  records footage for later review- giving opportunity to revisit, document and diagnose


Aerial & close up shots of your business for promotional purposes 

Custom editing available

Guarantee to be set apart from competitors with unique vantage points captured by drone footage

Improve brand awareness with high quality photography

Elevate your image as a company that is cutting edge and embraces new technology

Increase engagement by telling a better story.

Drones capture footage not possible by regular video- making it more impactful and memorable.


9 Holes ,18 Holes

entire course flyover, Aerial view of each 

hole and 10 still shots of course/facilities

Maintenance needs

Increase memberships and tee times by giving golfers ability to preview the course.

Showcase the beauty of your course and give consumers an virtual experience.   

Gain exposure on your website and social media using high quality drone footage.

Improve efficiency when using drone footage to analyze the irrigation and general health of the course that is unseen to the naked eye. Knowing which areas require more maintenance than others allows you to focus attention where needed- and avoid unnecessary work.


Aerial still shots of house/property

Aerial video of property/views

Optional interior media

Faster Sales: MLS study shows homes with aerial images sold 68% faster than those without

Increase listings: MLS study shows 73% of buyers prefer to list with an agency using aerial imagery

Boost ROI: Drone footage can also capture footage of the neighborhood and surrounding area- giving prospective buyers an actual ‘feel’ for the area.  This footage could be used again when selling any real estate in the same area.

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