What areas do you service?
Our primary base is the Capital Region of New York- which includes the counties of Albany, Columbia, Fulton, Greene, Montgomery, Rensselaer, Saratoga, Schenectady, Schoharie, Warren and Washington. For large projects, HTD can also offer pricing for travel to further distances.
Is there a special certification needed to fly drones
An FAA license is required for any drone work being done for commercial purposes.
Do you offer any kind of discount for multiple jobs? I have a number of smaller projects I could see benefitting from drone services.
Many HTD customers take advantage of our block pricing for your exact situation- they get discounted pricing while also ensuring they will be able to easily schedule a shoot when they need it.
How high can a drone go?
Our drones can fly 400ft above takeoff point.
How can I use drones for estimating building maintenance projects?
HTD can capture multiple views of a building, accessing areas a standard camera cannot. This footage can then be reviewed, shared and saved- giving you and your team the data to determine your next step- New roof? Window repair? Condition of façade? Bird’s nest interfering with wires? You may even find something you didn’t know you were looking for.
My friend has a drone- why not have him do the job?
Hang Time Drones is fully insured, FAA certified (required for all commercial work) and complies with all FAA rules and regulations – making us the best choice for those wanting to be sure proper protocols and safety measures are being followed. Additionally, our team of professionals- from pilots to creatives to editors- bring superior quality to all of our work.
Can drones fly in the rain? After dark?
Our drones can currently fly in dry conditions up to thirty minutes after sunset.
How experienced are your drone pilots?
HTD Pilots have 500+ hours flying experience.
Can the drone fly indoors?
Yes, we have a smaller drone that can fly inside, depending on the layout of the building.


Ideas often stem from problems. While running our sister company – AWCplus – (which provides window cleaning and building maintenance) one of the challenges is working from heights.

There are safety issues, insurance and people needed to do the work – all of which require a lot of money, time and expertise. We often think ‘how can we remove the risk’ (aka the people in the air) thus making the task easier and less costly.

The idea of drones had already been bounced around – with that technology still emerging for window cleaning. But, in the meantime, what about what we CAN do with drones? Turns out a whole lot- and the idea was born!


All HTD drone operators hold an FAA Commercial Drone License. 

The FAA requires anyone using a drone for commercial purposes (defined as anything other than recreation) to hold a Remote Pilot Certificate with a Small UAS Rating.  


HTD is fully and properly insured. This allows us to safely capture desired footage and gives our customers peace of mind. 

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